Walt Disney World Vacation Planning: Itinerary Spreadsheet

Looking for my Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Itinerary Spreadsheet? It’s moved to my new site Fiddle Dee Me!


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  • Shannon Thomas

    My husband hasn’t gone this far but he is pretty darn close… he is such a planner.  we live in CA and he already has our trip to disneyland in November almost fully planned out.

  • http://twitter.com/BusyWorkingMama BusyWorkingMama

    I have a detailed vacation packing list in a spreadsheet, with tabs for varying vacations (beach, family visit, mountains, etc.).  Love spreadsheets!  Being organized helps!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessicaslovakmcfadden Jessica Slovak McFadden


  • http://www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.com/ Jodi Whisenhunt

    I have a very similar spreadsheet for our upcoming trip! Don’t know why I haven’t done one before. It’s so handy to have something visual. Even though we don’t stick 100% to schedule, I think it’ll be good to have an overview.

  • MamaPhan

    I love it! I might have to do this for our trip in November/early December. I downloaded your template! I still need to watch your vlog about the packing list. You’re starting to make getting excited really easy!

  • Lori Roberts

    I made a very similar one a few weeks ago and got laughed at by a number of people. lol. Great minds think alike! Love your version.

    We are actually going around the same time as you. lol.

  • Defessa

    We’re DVC members, and the one thing I add to my spreadsheet is chores!  It may sound funny, but with 7 of us (yes, that means 5 kids!) we stay in a two bedroom villa, and it means there are chores. I break them up into small chunks and there is always one person on a ‘Free’ day. Since we have a kitchen, cooking is one chore–but only dinner, set and clear the table, Dishes, Trash, laundry (the 2 bedroom villa has a washer/dryer!), and ‘Tidy up’ (Make sure the beds are made, towels are hung up, and everyone’s stuff is corralled). We’ve been doing this for the past 10 years, and it helps us a lot!
    On our last trip my 25 year old son ‘outsourced’ his portion of the chores to his 15 year old brother for $50 for the week. Win-Win for both of them!
    Another page to my spreadsheet is a meal plan/grocery list. I usually match the meal to the cook, and then make up a list of the ingredients and the amounts needed. I sort it alphabetically, and can see in an instant when I have ingredients in more than one recipe. I also break up the list, handing out portions to the kids and the shopping gets done in no time.

  • Dreamcat78

    I love your spreadsheet it is great!!! And thank you for making the google doc. Then I can have it on my phone and have it on me for our trip. You said that there was another tab on the spreadsheet but I do not see it? Thanks

    • http://mama-of-all-trades.blogspot.com Ashley @ Mama of All Trades

      Thanks for stopping by and for the nice compliment! The extra tab is on my spreadsheet at home. I just add the tab for my packing list. You can see a video of my packing list on my site as well. :)

  • suz

    Can you please explain Epcot FW and Epcot WS… Thanks

    • http://mama-of-all-trades.blogspot.com Ashley @ Mama of All Trades

      Hi Suz! Epcot FW means “Future World” and WS is “World Showcase”. Epcot has two main “worlds”, which open and close at different times on most days.